Landfill Dangers and what YOU can do now!
Please take the time to read this page and send letters .... it's so very important!

Letter #2

Our speaker at our last meeting has provided us a sample letter you can use as a guide to mail via the postal service or email TO the top folks at the US Forest Service, whichever way is easiest for you. The purpose of the letter is to request the US Forestry Service to join in contesting the Peach Creek Environmental Park Landfill protest. Feel free to edit and/or make changes and/or put in your own words etc as you would like.
You will be sending it TO the primary top person, Under Secretary Harrell and carbon copy (CC) the other three people.

Marcia Echols

Click here for sample letter that you may wish to use for the U S Forestry Service


Coldspring Garden Club Members:
If you wish to speak in opposition of the proposed Landfill at the San Jacinto County Commissioners Court regular meeting next week, you must submit the attached
Agenda Request Form.  The form must be filed and time stamped by the County Clerk plus approved by a County Commissioner or the County Judge before 12:00 P.M. (Noon) this Thursday.  I recommend you hand carry this form to the Court House for this process.  
Please share this email with your friends who may also want to speak at the meeting.
Marcia Echols

Letter #1

We had a great informative meeting Thursday afternoon. Our speaker Van Weldon, from Wood Duck Farms here in San Jacinto County talked about gardening procedures and where he procured his seeds and plants. He sells his produce at the Houston Farmer’s Market and to various restaurants. He also informed us about his neighbor, a company out of Mississippi, has requested a permit to build a 2,000 acre landfill. Other neighbors along the border of the planned landfill include a subdivision of homes, a National Forest and Peach Creek that is in the 2010 FEMA Flood Plain. This creek is the natural rain-water drainage for his farm, and the forest. Van Weldon has requested our members to submit a request to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for the landfill permit to be rejected. The mailing address for TCEQ is: TCEQ Office of the Chief Clerk, MC-105, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087, and their email address is: Your participation will be appreciated.

1. Open the pdf after downloading to view it.
2. Save it in your download file giving it a name you will recognize, i.e. "TCEQ_Protest".
3. Open MS Word.
4. In MS Word select "File, Open", select "Computer".
5. Explorer will open select the file "Downloads".
6. Your pdf should be listed under today's downloads, or look for the file you saved and click on it.
7. MS Word will open the document in protected mode with a yellow button at the top of the screen labeled "Enable Editing", click it.
8. MS Word will open the file in edit mode as a word document.
9. Add your information, then save the file as a pdf file.
10. Create an email and attach the revised file.

Click here for sample letter that you may send to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Coldspring Garden Club