Coldspring Garden Club

About Us

Manette Farber installed 2020 Officers in a delightful Installation Ceremony which included chargIng each officer with their duties and presenting beautiful fresh pink roses to each!  Top to right ... President Karen, Manette Farber, Christine Knight, Marcia Echols, Wanda Gardner

Our 2022-2023 Leaders 

Board Members
President Wanda Gardner
Vice President - Christine Knight
Secretary Kathy Preston
Correspondence Secretary Rhonda Sterling

Treasurer Marcia Echols

2021-22  Committee Chairmen

(to be updated)

Community Center - Christine Knight & Vernon Slider

Facebook - Darchelle Vucinovich

Fundraising - Manette Farber & Wanda Gardner
Greeter - Rhonda Sherling
Historian - Marcia Echols
Hospitality - Kathy Preston
Membership -  Don Leedy
Parliamentarian - Don Leedy
Pink Rose - Joyce West
Publicity - Yvonne Cones
Telephone - Patricia Leslie
Website - Linda Deeter
Yearbook - Marcia Echols

All members of the Coldspring Garden Club are encouraged to participate in all meetings, activities and fundraisers.